Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Mini Tutorial: Bell Shaped Sleeves

Asalamu alaikum,

Bell sleeves are another simple modification that you can add to change they style to suit your own taste. I find that this style is better for fancy suits that do not get worn to do chores around the house. Because they hang down, they will get dirty quickly if you are doing things like making bread or doing dishes.

Step 1-Fold the sleeve in half, and at the ver end of your sleeve you will measure out from the fold the desired width of the sleeve. In the example I want a sleeve as wide as I can it so my mark is at 7.5" with one inch left for the seam.
Step 2-Five inches away  from the cuff towards the upper part of the sleeve you will put your second mark, this should be just enough to be snug on your arm. I have used five inches from the fold line.
Step 3-Connect the two marks.
Step 4-Draw a connecting line from the second mark to the top of the underside of your sleeve. You want the point at the upper side to be on inch away from the cut edge to give you a one inch seam at that point.
Step 5-Draw another line one inch away from the first, this will be your cutting line.
Step 6-Sew along the upper line, and attach to your kameez using set in sleeve method. If you are uncomfortable using this method, the procedure is the same when you have already attached the sleeve to the kameez, and then start from step 1 of this tutorial.

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Garpu said...

This is inspiring me to learn to sew...I"m tired of poorly-made, ill-fitting clothes.