Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Feature: An Aqiqah for my boys!

Asalamu alaikum,

After Saif was born, we started thinking about doing his Aqiqah(for those not familiar with the term-it is an Islamic tradition that involves sacrificing two goats/sheep etc. for each son, and then cooking them to feed family, friends, neighbors, and the needy). Since we had not been able to do Saad's when he was born, we decided to do them both together now, while we are still in Pakistan.

We held the function on our roof, alhamdulillah it is spacious enough to hold a good amount of people. We ended up with around 60 guests. As with every function in our family it was all arranged at the last minute! The orders for tables, chairs, caterers, soft drinks etc. were all given only one or two days before, and the butcher came to perform the sacrifices only that morning!

We got matching sherwanis for Saad and Saif along with groom's kullas(turbans).

Tariq was going all around organizing all the last minute details with the waiters and food while I stayed downstairs and got the boys ready at the last minute so they wouldn't ruin their outfits. When everyone had arrived and all was ready, I suited up the boys, Tariq came and all four of us went up to the roof together. At the top of the stairs all the younger ladies had lined up to shower rose petals on the boys, and Tariq's father put rose and jasmine hars(garlands) on them. After greeting everyone and passing Saif around like a game of musical baby, it was time to eat.

MashAllah the food was fantastic, we had mutton biriyani and qorma with taftans(small round slightly sweet breads), with doodh dulari(a thin pudding with bits of fruits, jellies, and colorful noodles) for dessert.


Anonymous said...

Mashah'Allah! MABROOK! I opened your blog today, after a LONG time, because it's the lawn season, and I need to refresh some techniques. So glad to see your news :)

Anonymous said...


Your boys look like shehzaadey. I love the colors of their sherwanis and also like the refreshing lavendar colour you are wearing. Congratulations!

It was nice hearing from you and this Aqiqah ceremony description literally made me feel as I was attending it and made me feel happy!