Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Feature-Online Khutbahs

Asalamu alaikum,

Recently sister Yosra over at "After Hardship There is Ease" posted about listening to a Friday Khutbah on Monday. JazakhAllah khair sister, this was a brilliant idea.

I sit every week and listen(well, I hear but don't really listen) to a khutbah(a short speech given by the Imam just before the midday Friday prayer) in Urdu. I don't understand enough Urdu to understand what they are saying, and because of so many masajid in the area the sounds from them all kind of blend together, making it even harder.

Even in Abu Dhabi, when I could go to the masjid, the khutbah was only in Arabic. I understood some of the duas, and I was very happy to be able to pray with some of the sisters that sometimes came. I was still a bit upset to not be able to understand what the imam was talking about

So after reading the post, I decided to watch a khutbah online. Last Friday was about unity in the Ummah, not letting nationalism or racism divide us. This Friday was about remembering death, and letting it remind you to not procrastinate in doing good deeds, because no one knows how long they will be in this life.

InshAllah, I will watch a khutbah online every week.

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