Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Feature-How our Ramadhan day goes

Asalamu alaikum,

-This is a scheduled post.
I have decided to stop "live posts" during the month of Ramadhan, to try to concentrate more fully on what I need to during the month. Please don't hesitate to make comments, as I will be stopping in once in a while to check how every body is doing. Have a blessed month every one!

We are generally night owls any way which does seem to make it easier in Ramadhan. Our schedule shifts just a bit.

We usually stay up late into the night, and eat dinner(our second meal) at around 11:00pm. Then we stay up for a while longer. Some times we may take a quick nap before suhoor(pre-dawn breakfast). After eating and then praying, we go back to sleep for a while longer. In the day time, we pray, read Qur'an(I have to read the transliteration and the English translation), and try to follow our normal routine. In the afternoon, about two hours before maghrib/iftar(sunset prayer and fast breaking meal), we start to prep the food. When the whole family is together we make a bit of an army, so it takes several people a while to get all the work done. Usually we each have our individual responsibilities, one person makes the juice, another cuts the fruit, another fries pakorey, etc.

In our family iftar is kind of heavy, with lots of fried foods. Common snacks are-

  • Dates
  • Juice like Tang, or Rooh Afza
  • Fresh fruit/fruit chat(spicy fruit salad)
  • Pakorey-like a fritter, made with chickpea flour and chopped onions/spinach/potatoes/etc.
  • Samosey-usually a spicy potato filled deep fried pastry, sometimes ground beef or chicken is used as a filling instead.
  • Gol guppe, Now we make our own, because we are a bit concerned about the cleanliness of outside foods, but still delicious!
  • Jelebian
  • Haleem, Kind of like a meat/lentils/grains porridge, usually we only have this while in Pakistan.
  • Harees, similar to haleem, but the Arabic version, not hot-spicy, and very tasty, usually we only have this while in the UAE.
  • Dahi barey-small fried chickpea flour dumplings in a spicy yogurt sauce, may also have onions/tomatoes/green chilies/cilantro
  • Cholay-Chick peas in a spicy sauce, may also have onions/tomatoes/green chilies/cilantro/papri(like broken up chips)
Every thing is made ready and set out before the maghrib adhan, though sometimes someone will still be frying something and come rushing in with the last plate of whatever. :-)

After a quick iftar(fast breaking meal), everyone prays maghrib. Sometimes alone, sometimes two to a rug. After maghrib, some of us nap and some of us don't. Then the day repeats it self.

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