Saturday, March 5, 2011

Comment Policy

Asalam Alaikum,

I have been considering posting a comment policy for some time and I think now it has actually become necessary.

So, this is a personal blog. I use it mostly to show my crafting attempts, to practice writing, to keep family and friends updated on where we are and what we are up to. I post pictures of my son, and the places we visit, I post free patterns for knitting, crochet(not quite yet, but InshAllah this is coming soon), and sewing tutorials.

One thing that is sort of a mix of personal and not personal is that I want to show anyone who is interested, what life is like in Pakistan. Specifically from the point of view of a non Pakistani. Every time people look at the news headlines it seems that all that is shown of Pakistan is bombings, killings, terrorism, Taliban, corrupt politicians, and poverty. I want as many people as possible to see other parts of Pakistan, the beauty, the warmth and friendliness of the people, the daily routines that make up life for families like mine. I want people to see that life here, while occasionally difficult is not that much different than it is anywhere else in the world. The foods may be different, the clothes may be different, but people everywhere are the same. We all have families, friends, morals, values, and feelings.

Recently there have been several comments posted that range from merely rude to downright hateful. I do have comment moderation enabled, mostly to prevent spammers, but I have had to delete several rude posts. After the most recent(which I allowed, on the post immediately preceding this one), I just got a little fed up.

This is a personal blog, if you don't have anything nice to say please keep your comments to yourself. I do not mind opposing views, a little debate is always educational, but rude comments about how another person chooses to live their life?

From now on, any comments that are hateful(about me or anyone else), or bigoted, or just plain rude will not be posted.

Salam to all-


Vivi said...

Hello Eva, I'm sorry you're getting negative comments. I think sometimes people actually look for places to start trouble! I'm an American in France, married with a Frenchman and a two year old Franco-American, so I know what it's like to be a Mommy in two cultures. Thank you so much for sharing your world, I find it really fascinating! (I think I found you on Ravelry, by the way.)

Anonymous said...


I posted something similar to this on my blog a while ago...

Nothing nice to say, say nothing - it is so simple.

As I said in other comments, I have just found your blog & adore it.

Love what you share, am envious of your craft skills and adore your sweet son!


Surely there is a lot more love than rudeness for you & your blog!!


Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis. I guess it always surprises me that people take the time to make ugly comments. I have a few non-Muslim readers who are awesome and I consider fully a sister in this world; then there are a few super-haters who just want to write ugly things.

I decided to draw the line at posting any personal attacks, anything negative about Islam or our prophets, or anything else that is upsetting to others.

I do allow differences of opinion but I make the call when I think the dialogue has gone on long enough. I do not allow proselytizing on my blog for other religions; it's my blog, like my own home, and I decide what I want to allow.

Insha'allah sis they will get bored before too long and leave you alone!!!!

Love you for the sake of Allah

Aishah said...

Hi, thanks for visiting!

It can be a bit difficult trying to find a balance between two worlds for our little ones, but it is so worth it. I do find it sad when there are bi-cultural families that completely ignore half of a kids heritage.

It must be very interesting to live in France, I have always wanted to visit!

@Bad Bhabhi-Hi, I am glad you found your way here!

I am slowly but surely catching up on your blog archives, your story is very sweet.

Thank you for the compliments, but ignore the sweet face, he is really a full time badmashi! :-)

@Umm Aaminah- Salams Sis,
I am also surprised that people take the time to comment negatively. I mean, it takes so much more effort to actually write mean and hurtful things than it does to just move on and ignore what you don't like.

Let me know when you get your little one's measurements, and what kind of stuff you are looking for, that way I can check out what the local markets have to offer the next time I go.

UmmIbrahim said...

Assalaamu aleikum Eva,

Don't let the haters get you down! I don't comment on the blogs I read as often as I'd like, but I'm enjoying reading them (mostly) silently! Where else can I meet a fellow Urdu bolney wali gori muslimah who knits and sews like I do! Not many of those in my real life, so it's fun to hear about you virtually. You motivate me to post more projects on ravelry! Keep on blogging and imagine the silent majority of your readers nodding with a smile, because we are! :-)

Thinking said...

hmm....please don't feel bad about whatever people are know how people are in this world...

Be happy and keep writing...I like your posts....

Aishah said...

@ UmmIbrahim and Thinking-
Salams, Thank you both for your kind words.

InshAllah, I will be able to keep writing, and ignore the negative comments.

Finding such lovely and kind people, such as you all, has been a real blessing.

Meliha said...

Regarding how you'll be posting info on Pakistan and what life is like there, I'm looking forward to reading/seeing it. In general, the media has already painted such a distorted picture of the country and the people there...the least those of us who've been there (like me too!) can do is try to balance that out with information from our own perspective.

Regarding the comments, I'm not sure I'll ever understand why people jump straight to negativity. It takes so little to effort to be nice (instead of hurtful).
As for me? I prefer looking at the glass half full/being optimistic/spreading cheer. :)


Roshni said...

Salaams sister. I’ve only just discovered your blog via the desi web ring and just love it! I am another of those Urdu Bolnay walay gorian; and I used to live in Karachi myself! Reading your blog makes me recall all the beautiful memories I have of the city of lights, and is a lovely way to keep on top of all that is happening there! you are so blessed to live where you do; I’d be back like a shot if I could!
Take care; and keep up the amazing work; your blog is really great, mashallah.

Aishah said...

Salams Roshni, Thank you!