Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whose father is getting married now?

Asalam alaikum,

My husband has some really quirky expressions that I have never heard from anyone else. Some are kind of funny and some are just strange.

My favorite that he says is when someone is very excited about something(like wanting to buy a new suit, or makes a fancy meal for no reason) he asks "Tumhara baap ki shadi hai?" Meaning roughly "is your father getting married?(that you are so excited?)" If he is using the expression because I want him to wear fancier clothes for something or take us out for tikka, then he uses "mere baap"(my father) instead of "tumhara".

Sometimes he says "baap ki barat" instead of "baap ki shadi", it is almost the same meaning, a barat is when the groom goes to get the bride. Every time he says it everybody in the room laughs and just says "haan, bap ki shadi(yes, father's marriage)".

I like this one so much that I have started using it, and every time I do he smiles a little. I think it might be partly because when someone else is saying it he can see how silly it is. :-)

Anybody else have any expressions that are not really common, or are just plain silly?

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Thinking said...

hmm...funny expression indeed....

Well my husband don't use such funny expression but he usually most of the time when I scold him for his untidy manners say that "If I ever knew that you would do this to me I would have not even enter your house"

hmm...but I guess its too late to regret....hmm...