Friday, November 5, 2010


Asalam Alaikum,

Awhile ago I blogged about some birds that we watch from our roof. I really like the crows, they have such personalities.

There is a saying here, that if a crow sits on your house that means that you will have guests.

This guy was hopping back and forth between two bowls of food that someone had place on their roof. That is another interesting thing, if someone in the house drops some food on the floor or if something is starting to turn then many people put it up on the roof for birds/squirrels rather than just dumping it in the trash.

Some times when Tariq goes to buy meat for the house he will get some scraps from the butcher. Then he takes them up on the roof, spots a crow and tosses a scrap at it. After a minute or two the entire roof is covered with crows, looking for scraps. Pretty soon the cheels(the hawk types) come to investigate, and are swooping down to catch scraps thrown into the air. It is an amazing thing to watch.


Karen O'Grady said...

You know how much I love "Friend Crow", so I'd be right in there with him throwing the scarps for the crows. They are very smart birds. If you put a scrap in a box they'd figure out how to get it...they can even make tools to help them get what they want.

ReeBz said...

Myths :D I donot believe on this crow thingy. Its like another belief of some people that if a cat crosses your way then you shouldnot move ahead cause it is an indication of some bad event which is gonna happen.. well omens,superstitiousness-these are the things for which Islam has no space :)
But yes only as a faun we can enjoy.
off to the topic:Can you speak urdu?i guess you do :)

Aishah said...


Yeah I don't believe the thing about crows, because I read that these types of superstitions are haraam in Islam. I think that it is interesting that so many people continue to have superstitions even though Islam says we should not. Here is an interesting site I found about it-

I still like the crows though they always seem to be very curious types of birds.

I don't really speak Urdu, but Ur-glish, I know lots of Urdu words but can't really make sentences properly. So mostly I speak in a strange mix of Urdu/English. InshAllah I will learn to speak properly.

ReeBz said...

Nice, you use couple of urdu words and so properly that i felt you speak urdu wonderfully :)