Monday, October 18, 2010

A Whole Year

Asalam Alaikum,

I have now lived in Pakistan for more than one continuous year. Wow, typing that just felt very strange. Five years ago I never would have imagined that I would live so far away from my home, my family. It is difficult living here sometimes, everything is harder than it was in America. There are lots of things that I just can't do. Some things because of how life is here(like visiting a Masjid-not allowed where we live, and I can't even express how sad that makes me), and some things because of my own lacks(shopping without a translator-I speak very little of the language).

At times it is a little scary. Right now the situation is very tense, there have been many "target killings" lately, and all the shops around here are closed for a couple days until things calm down.

InshAllah, one day I will get to go back home and then only visit Pakistan sometimes. Until then I try to view this as a learning opportunity. In America I never really thought about how different life is for people that were not as lucky as I was. InshAllah this experience will make me a better person, more caring about the suffering of people less fortunate than I.


luckyfatima said...

wow, subhanallah. I remember last year when I had found your blog and was like, yay! another american married to a pakistani living in the UAE and then off you went to Pakistan! Can you blog more about what your daily life is like, your impressions of little things that are similar or different from back home, etc. The most I have spent continuously in Pakistan is a month. God bless the Pakistani people, but I find it so hard there. My feet look all beaten up just from walking on the roads when I get home, my nostrils are filled with black stuff from Karachi air, and my skin breaks out from the pollution. I guess I am a fragile foreigner.

Have you guys started the process to emigrate to the USA?

We went through all of that and now we are here living at my parents' house while my husband looks for a job. Inshallah khair for the both of us.

Keep on posting here and on your food blog, please!

The Life of Aaliyah said...

I'd love to hear more about your life in Pakistan as well. My husband is from Karachi and the most I've spent in Pakistan is around 6 weeks (even though last year I visited three times for a total period of around 9 weeks).

Target killings are extremely high these days. :( I can remember on our last trip to Karachi in July there was a lot of violence and killings not far from where my in laws live.