Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whew, that was fast!

Asalam Alaikum,

Last night while watching a really cheesy movie(Dinocroc, it was ok, but not a terribly happy ending), I completed most of a hat for Saad. Total knitting time was under three hours!

Pattern:Maltese Fisherman's Hat from the June Chapter of Knitter's Almanac
Yarn:Bally DoubleKnit, held double
Needles:US 8

It went so fast and I think it is so cute that I just cast on another one to go with the last BSJ that I made.


ReeBz said...

nice one! such a crafty mother you are :)

If you dont mind may i ask a question?Sorry forgive my curiosity if m getting too personal, but i was wondering if you converted into islam or you were a born Muslim :)?

Aishah said...

I don't mind curiosity, that is usually one of the first questions any one asks when they first meet me. :-)

I was born into a family that was Christian. I converted(I like to say reverted because we are all born Muslim anyway) after I met Tariq. He was such a good Muslim, and a good example that I wanted to learn more about Islam. Alhamdulillah, I have now been Muslim for four years.

ReeBz said...

MashaAllah thats nice.It will be nice to hear your journey from christianity to islam some day.

I have one American friend. she is a journalist by profession and working these days for the release of Afia Siddiqi.After meeting her and you I'm feeling that americans are polite once they start understanding you! but yes in many cases understanding is the biggest problem.They always consider you a taliban or Muslim extremist,wheras we think of them as "DO MORE DRONE" machine :S

ReeBz said...

one more question dint your family show a bit of protest when you reverted?
My salamaa to you and to my brother by religion Mr.Tariq who became such a wonderful aspiration for you to know more about islam =)

ReeBz said...

Saad is also the name of my young cutoo cousin :)

Aishah said...

My parents were a bit confused at the time, but they didn't have a problem with me reverting.

They did protest a bit when we decided to move to Abu Dhabi and then protested a bit more when we left there for Karachi. Karachi can be a dangerous place, and they are worried that something may happen to us while we are here.

ReeBz said...

Your parents were on justice if they protested when you left for karachi.Karachi is a dangerous city no doubt,unless Allah keeps protecting you.

My well wishes for you and your family's safety.

ReeBz said...

A request-will you be my blogs follower =)?