Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vroooom Vroooom!!!

Asalam Alaikum

Our current bike is a Honda 50. It is very little, and Tariq is almost six feet tall, so he feels(and looks) a bit funny while riding it. The 50 belonged to his grandfather and he says it is at least 30 years old. It is a hard working little bike, and I kind of like it. We go everywhere on it, and Saad adores riding on the "broom broom".

But Tariq decided he wanted a bigger bike. He wanted a Honda 125, but he was very specific. It can't be brand new because this bike is very popular in our area and he didn't want to risk being bike jacked. It also couldn't be so old that it would be in the shop every other week. After eight months of looking he found it it is a 2003 model, good condition but not too good. He is so happy with the bike.


Adventurous Ammena said...

just wondered sis.. do u live in Karachi permanently??

Aishah said...

I hope it won't be permanent, but it does look like we will be here for a pretty long time.