Thursday, December 10, 2009


Asalam Alaikum,
One of the things that I enjoy very much about being in Pakistan is going up to our roof and watching the birds.
I am so used to seeing American crows that are all black, but this type is mostly black except for the neck and chest which are grey(Firefox tells me I spelled that wrong, but Google says its OK)

These are some sort of Hawk that like to hang out on a nearby cell tower.

This is a bird that landed on a roof across the street from us, and I thought that by the time I turned the camera on he would be gone, but he stayed for a couple of minutes.


Beeba said...

I think that green bird is a ring-neck parrot, possibly an escaped pet? LOL!

luckyfatima said...

what a beautiful parrot. For me, when I think of the Karachi skyline, the cheel (kite) pops into my mind. I can't see the birds in the middle picture too clearly, but they might be cheels.

Abid said...

Grey = Canadian, Gray = American (or vice versa) I think.