Sunday, October 4, 2009


Asalam Alaikum,

In Pakistan, many women don't use the abayas that I have become so used to seeing in the U.A.E., instead they use a Chadar. It is similar to the duppatas that Pakistani women use in their homes but is larger, and usually of a heavier fabric. Some are very plain, only a very large piece of printed fabric, and some are very detailed with fancy embroidery and sometimes tiny mirrors are sewn on.

I have three chadar, and to give you an idea of the size, here are all three(folded in half over the line), with my 2 year old son in front.
The one in the middle is plain only printed fabric, the right one is a little more fancy and the motifs have mirrors. The one on the left is the fanciest of the three, with a heavy border and individual motifs both of which contain mirrors.
Close-up of border design.
Close-up of motif(left side chadar)
Close-up of motif(right hand chadar)

When we go to visit extended family or have guests over to our house, I usually take a chadar along with me. It gives me more coverage in front of non-mahrams(unrelated men) because sometimes the dupattas are just too sheer. On a funny note my SIL tells me that chadar has another meaning- bed sheet.


luckyfatima said...

I wear hijab but find it very hot in Karachi at times so I just use a good dupatta or a chaadar to cover my hair and body. I think it is all good whether you are in hijab and abaya, those long Sudanese wrap dresses, a sari, a chaadar, or what have you, as long as you are covered.

Funny but in Pakistan, hijab means you are more "serious" with religion and the same cred is not given to the dupatta. But I think if you wrap your dupatta right (as in no half-hair showing) it is just the same as a hijab!

Lovely pics, BTW.

Aishah said...

I know what you mean about the heat, when ever we went shopping I boiled.

I am totally cool with how people want to cover, and I have seen some people that are really stylish but still modest.

The only problem I sometimes have is with very light colored dupattas, because they show my hair. I use the darker ones as my hijab with an abaya.