Saturday, January 12, 2008

Long time, no post

Wow, am I a bad blogger, I should have known this would happen given my lack of ability to keep an offline journal...oh well I just have to try harder i guess.

I have been reading a lot of knit blogs, (I am so addicted) and stumbled onto this---

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Eminence the Very Viscountess Eva the Ineffable of Chortling Chesterton
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Strange but fun, in other news I have completed the "first official socks"...they are not really socks, more like house slippers made in the way of socks, just to test the waters of sock knitting, and ya know what, the water is fine come on in! I know I have a long way to go til I can whip up a half-way decent pair but so far, so fun.

I also finished the back of my dh's vest... dratted really should be careful what you say..."of course I'll knit you a vest dear and you can even pick the yarn"

Oh, and I also knitted a hat for my aunt, from knitty- a tam. It was so fun to work with the two colors and see the pattern appear that I finished very quickly. Now all thats left is to mail it to her...because we have moved! Or at least started the process of moving, we left nice sunny florida to visit my DH's cousin(Michigan of all places). then we are off to Boston to see my folks, then the big one, we hop on a plane and take a very long flight to Abu Dhabi where we will most likely stay on a semi permenant basis, to live with my DH's family.

To return to the subject of socks for a moment, I have discovered that there is a yarn store that is exactly 1.7 miles from where we are staying right now in Michigan and the DH has promised to take me there. I have never been to a yarn store, as the only ones near to us before the move were a good distance away. I am so excited!! I want to buy some nice sock yarn and make some matching socks for the DH and my adorable new son.

Well, that was a long post, and if I can stick to my resolution to be a better blogger then a new post will follw shortly and may also include pictures.

until next post,
Asalam Alaikum

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