Thursday, October 25, 2007

In which I first share some craftyness with the world

So as promised last post here are some things that I have actually finished... first up....georgeous husbands slippers, completed mid august around 8 am on a "sleep-in sunday". I dont even know if he knew at the time that they were on his feet, as he was asleep. But I just had to see how they looked, I have always loved slippers that look like sneakers. They are crocheted.

Next we have some of the very first knitting projects I ever made(I am a longtime crocheter and only just learned how to knit this spring from my very very good friend Sister Z.). These are what I made for my soon-to-be son, the booties are a little wonky, but hey they are the first thing i ever knitted. the tiny hat is so cute, the sweater was the "five hour baby sweater" which I found on the net, and it only took ME 10 hours. the pants are sort of my own creation, "knit as you go and hope it turns out ok". They also contain my first I-cord, which took several calls to my mother to figure out.

I classify this next project as finished, even though I am not sure that it is, it is a knitted prayer rug for my husband, problem being that I dont think that it is large enough for him. I am seriously considering adding a crocheted border to it, hence the "I think it is finished but then I am not sure" label I have attached to it. I usually end up using this one and he uses the other store bought rug, because he is a little on the tall side and I am a little vertically challenged.

Maybe next time I can post some WIPs, and you can see the questionable taste of my husband in his choice of colors/patterns for his sweater...

Until next post,
Asalam Alaikum

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